Hiroshi Kondo worked on a magic set with various tricks associated from different parts of the world. Together with Hideo Kato, Hiroshi helped translate the Tarbell Course in Magic. His work is highly diversified and is one of the consistent inventors of the Tenyo staff and was the creator of the famous "Zig Zag Cig". His most recent Tenyo creation is "The Pillars of Thor".

TRICKOGRAPHY: Dynamic Coins (1975), Rabbit in Wallet (1976), Nightmare in Color (1978), Floating Lady (1978), The Sandwich Platter (1979), The Midas Machine (1981), Zig Zag Cig (1981), Quicksilver (1982), Eclipse (1982), Sidetrack (1984), Thunderstaff (1985), Telestar (1985), Telesphere (1986), Billscape (1986), The Die-abolical Box (1987), Bare Bones (1987), Tricky Business (1987), Vault-Vision (1988), Lancelot (1989), Clean Cut (1990), Dragon Altar (1991), Diabolicus (1991), Metal Matrimony (1994), The Pillars of Thor (1995).


Shigeru Sugawara joined Tenyo in 1967 where creating magic wasn't his speciality at the time. However he did go on to create excellent tricks such as "Pencilla" and the extremely popular "Squeeze Play". In 1977, he was awarded theTenkai Prize. Shigeru is a consistent inventor who created over 25 of the Tenyo tricks released so far. His most recent Tenyo creation is "Money Cutter" - part of the new 2001 range.

TRICKOGRAPHY: Art Bank (?), Rope to Silk (1975), Dynamic Coins (1975), Water Mystery (1976), See Through Card (1976), Squeze Play (1977), Ultra Tube (1977), See Through Guillotine (1977), Card Frame (1977), Card Changer (1978), Pendant (1978), Mystery of the High Hat (1979), Lucifer's Lock (1980), The Frame of Destruction (1980), Black Hole (1980), Tunnel of Darkness (1980), Wonder Window (1982), The Alpha Tunnel (1984), Excalibur (1985), Paradox (1986), Ninja Experiment (1987), Mirage (1987), The Gorilla Bar (1987), Space Towers (1988), Mini-Zag (1989), Pencillia (1993), Burglar-Ball (1994), Merlin's Coffer (1995), Money Shredder (1999), Money Cutter (2000).


Hideo Kato spent most of his time writing programs for personal computers during the mid seventies. It was seeing the Grand Prix of World Magic held in Tokyo 1978 that made his enthusiasm for magic reappear. He also translated the Tarbell Course into Japanese along with Hiroshi Kondo working on the editing. His most recent Tenyo creation is "Mind Scanner".

TRICKOGRAPHY: Melting Loop (?), Mystic Ruby (?), Crystal Box (1969), Elevator Coins (1978), Superstick (1979), The Wandering Hole (1979), Ultraslice (1982), Infinitum (1984), The Golden Fleece (1985), Match-Sticks (1986), Mirror-Mate (1986), Geometrick (1988), ArCane (1989), Mindscanner (1991), The Moons of Jupiter (1997).


Toru Suzuki created what is considered one of the most famous and popular Tenyo tricks of all time - "Crystal Cleaver". His visual magic is some of the most creative magic you have ever seen. His most recent Tenyo creation is "Salt Cups" - part of the new 2002 range.

TRICKOGRAPHY: Micro Magic Bank (?), Transpa Vision (1992), Crystal Cleaver (1992), Future Clock (1994), Oh No! (1994), Credit Slasher (1993), Clyde - Magic Rabbit (1995), Hankie Penetration (1996), Trisector (1996), Funnel Vision (1997), Puzzling Queen (1998), The Cutting Edge (1999), Magic Painting (1999), X-Ray File (2000), Salt Cups (2001).


Tomoyuki Shimomura is one of a new wave of magic creators on theTenyo team. His credits include: "Eye of the Idol", "Crystal Pyramid", "Moonspinner" and "Wild Wallet". His forte is producing effects that are entertaining but which also have an interesting story line. With his knowledge of close-up magic, he was commissioned to write for An Introduction To Card Magic. He is a polished technical writer and therefore invaluable to Tenyo for the instruction sheets included with the products. His most recent creation is "Mystery China Box" - part of the new 2002 range.

TRICKOGRAPHY: Hyper Vision (1989), Moon Spinner (1990), Wild Wallet (1991), The Nostradanus Clock (1991), The Haunting (1992), Crystal Pyramid (1994), Eye of the Idol (1995), Phantoma (1996), The Unusal Suspects (1996), Bird Watcher (1997), Pop-Up Card (1998), Lucky Rabbit (1999), Grand Derby Prediction (1999), Wild Wallet - Leather (1999), Dynamite Tube (2000), Mystery China Box (2001).


Lubor Fiedler is one of the most prolific inventors around. His many wild and wacky creations include "Gozinta Boxes", his Dental Dam trick, "Red Hot Wire" and many more. So far he has created five successful effects for Tenyo with more in the pipeline. His most recent Tenyo creation is "Blue Crystal" - part of the new 2001 range. A charming man who resides in Spittal, Austria.

TRICKOGRAPHY: Parabox (1993), Invisible Zone (1995), Krazy Keys (1996), Impossible Pen (1997), Antigravity Rock (1998), Phantom Clock (1999), Blue Crystal (2000).


Jeff Sheridan performed magic in Central Park, New York in the seventies where he specialised in street magic. He has also had three magic tricks produced as part of the "Magic Works"TM series of MB Games, appeared in a movie, and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York where he combined magic with art. His most recent Tenyo creation is "Enchanted Strings". This magician and surrealist artist lives in Manhattan, New York.

TRICKOGRAPHY: Enchanted Strings (1997).


Angelo Carbone is a creative guy who invents magic whether big scale illusions or small close up effects. His widely copied "Out of Order" card trick has been a world wide success. Also, "Notion of Motion" - his any called for card rise is receiving much praise from the magic world. Click here to see what is being said. He is the first British person to have a trick produced by the Tenyo Company. His most recent Tenyo creation is "Prison Box" - part of the new 2002 range. Angelo lives in London, England.

TRICKOGRAPHY: Mini-Morphosis (1998), Prison Box (2001).


Michael Sibbernsen was originally an astronomy and science educator, but is now performing magic professionally in the heartland of the US. His unique brand of magic has been published in most of the major magic publications, including his own One Man Parade in the IBM journal, Linking Ring. Michael promises his Tenyo creation will not be the last. Look for Michael in your area, as he is now lecturing at various magic clubs and conventions. His most recent Tenyo creation is "Mind Spinner".

TRICKOGRAPHY: Mind Spinner (1999).


Mark Setteducati is a magician and one of the world's leading inventors of magic. He is the creator of "Magic Works"TM - the most successful magic tricks series and has invented over 50 games and toys which have been marketed by companies all over the world. He has been advising with Tenyo for about 7 years. His most recent Tenyo creation is the "Dracula Bank". Mark lives in Manhattan,New York.

TRICKOGRAPHY: Dracula Bank(1993).


Steve Cohen attended Waseda University in Tokyo, and as a result reads and speaks native-level Japanese perfectly. He has translated entire Japanese books and magazines into English! Steve presently works with Tenyo to translate our instructions into English. As well as being a member of MENSA, he has earned a Ph.D in Magic and worked on the recent David Blaine television special as Chief Magic Designer. Steve lives in New York City and is presently translating the official Japanese Tenyo site into English.


Takuya Yoshizawa is very knowledgeable with computers and figures and also is a skilled engineer. He would often make many a prototype of his ideas which could not be manufactured because the workmanship of his prototypes were of such quality. His "Flash Dice" became a best seller both in Japan and abroad as too was his "Coin in Nest". His most recent Tenyo creation is "Super Phanto Block".

TRICKOGRAPHY: Flash Dice (1976), Super Coin in Nest (1976), Super Phanto Block (1976), Space Walking Coins (1976).


(Dates in brackets denote instruction copyright - effect released in fact the following year)


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